>A very British classic


Yorkshire puddings

Ingredients list:



2 eggs

Milk 225 ml (plus a little beer if possible)

Butter for the pans

1 spoonful of olive

cheddar grated and origan or thyme

Smear the pudding pans with a generous amount of butter: it is best to use a proper Yorkshire pudding tray with lots of half pans or any small cast iron or metal shape. Then put in the warming oven to wait (250°C).

Shape your flour like a well in a mixing bowl and add all the ingredients while whisking vigorously – no need to use anything electric, hand is good!

You should end up with a runny crepe type mix.

Get the pans out and pour your batter in each with a ladle.

Bake 15 to 20 mn and serve as soon as they have raised and taken a golden colour.

Serve for an English Christmas with a roast and lots of freshly steamed vegetable.


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