>The best from "les copines" is the very best!


Marrow and apple savoury loaf

Self-raising flour 250g
Marrow (or courgette) 300g
1 grated apple
5 eggs
Olive oil 100ml
Soft goat cheese 150g
A handful of pumpkin seeds

Peel and cut the marrow in small chunks. Grate the apple. Mix the eggs, soft goat cheese and seeds in a bowl, mashing it up roughly with a fork. The cheese needs to still be quite lumpy and not too finely folded in the mix. Add the flour while mixing. Add the marrow and apple.
Line and oil a rectangular cake tin. Pour the mix in, then put in a warm oven for 20mn at 210 degree Celsius, then for another 20 at 180.

Serve with a salad.

This recipe is inspired by a little bound book my friend Marie-Anne produced for her school in Paris. It has been my best-used recipe book for a long time because it was done by busy mums and has exactly what we need in it: quick, tasty, healthy family dishes! No chef’s dishes, no food journalist’s contraptions but the real Mc Coy.
The original recipe uses courgette and grated cheese but I never know what to do with marrow when I have one and I think goat cheese goes wonderfully with either marrow or courgette!
Ps: I also removed the salt because you don’t need any when cooking with cheese.


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