Jellied Caribbean punch


Whilst on TV Heston Blummenthal‘s guests are licking the walls (YES!), I am serving my Beloved the strangest cocktail: a supernally soft jelly oforange and rum, “planteur” style! It melts on the tongue and dissolves instantly into a superb alcool infused mouthfull…
It’s worth the beautiful rum I used: a dash only of l’Arbre du Voyageur from Martinique by Chantal Comte. A rare dark rum with hints of almond and citrus fruit that transport you to sun-bleached shores and salsa rooms!
Ingredients list:
400ml of real orange juice
capfull of orange blossom water (in any good middle-eastern store)
100ml of dark rum
100ml boiling water
1 sachet of powdered gelatine (or enough Agar Agar to soft-set one pint of
Tbsp of agave syrup (or sugar cane syrup for the purist amongst us)
Boil the water in a kettle then measure out carefully 100ml in a glass measuring jug. Sprinkle the gelling agent over and turn a spoon in it until completely dissolved. Add 100ml of squeezed orange juice and top up to the one pint or 600ml mark with your best rum! Trust me: it’s worth it!
Leave a couple of hours in the fridge to set. Should stay very wobbly and almost runny. Spoon out into dainty cocktail glasses and top with whipped cream… No sugar in the cream as I’m trying to be good post-Easter and it really doesn’t need it! My dinner partner enjoys this so much after his veggie dinner of stuffed mushrooms that I even got an unprompted compliment – which is almost unheard of!!! Well worth it. I tell you.
We had this for pudding but it would be perfect as an unusual starter
or even a palate cleanser inbetween dishes! Oh, I do feel inspired! I’ll
have another “glass”,  garçon!

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