>Make a wish with your first strawberry of the year!


I love the British spirit! Today we had our first picnic in the rain… Admittedly, it was spitting rather than bucketing but England is the only country in the world where the elements never deter anybody from laying out the perfect picnic. We French do food better than most but the one food related event where the English not only excel but surpass us, is the picnic. Never mind that they are using a French word in the first place, they still have taken this word to the level of an art form! Nobody does picnicking like the Brits – rain or no rain. I still remember with a shiver a picnic in Sandhurst with my in-laws and a carriage-full of children that took place under pouring rain; and another one on a Jersey beach where the sausages got soaked on the barbecue. 
Indeed, the British excel in the Art of the picnic and will never let the elements spoil the fun…
In fact, they almost relish the hardship and I suspect rather enjoy their strawberries and cream better if they have to shelter them from a swift shower.
So here is a strawberry recipe than would warm any sinking heart:
Chocolate strawberries
500g of strawberries
Dark chocolate 180g
1 big spoonful of rapeseed oil
Melt the chocolate on low heat until it coats the wooden spoon. Then mix in the oil and let it cool slightly. One by one, dip the strawberries into the mix and let them dry onto a sheet of baking paper.
Eat outdoors with a chilled bottle of rosé such as Chateau de la Tuilerie, rosé de Syrah, under a warm spring sun! Please order all of the above for next week-end and in the meantime I wish a very happy birthday to Maman who is travelling to Paris today with a crowd of very merry friends, having just toured Champagne and Alsace in search of fine wine and good food – of the non-picnic variety.

2 responses to “>Make a wish with your first strawberry of the year!

  1. >love it! I have tweeted your website…LomaBrook Green Bookshop

  2. >Thank you Loma! Really appreciate the visit. Diane

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