>Spaghetti ala chitarra with button mushrooms and chicken liver sauce

>A tasty lunch inspired by the chicken liver salads I love but robust enough to feed a few hungry teens! 
I decided on this twist of a recipe while browsing the mushroom stalls at Wholefoods (see photo).
Sorry no pictures… It got eaten too quickly…

Spaghetti a la Chitarra with button mushrooms and chicken liver sauce

Ingredients list:
One packet of Spaghetti a la Chitarra (a nice old-fashioned type that grips the sauce with its rough surface, due to the particular way it is cut)- worth searching for! I found mine in Somerfields Co-op.
300g of small button mushrooms- that’s a big bowl of them!
Rapeseed oil to fry
5 to 6 fine bacon slices
Chicken livers 250g
Thyme, basil and oregano (fresh if possible)
Aroowroot 1 spf
Some red wine
1 glass of beef stock or water

Slice two shallots finely with a mandolin. I’ve just bought my first one ever and it has changed my life around! Honestly, it is incredibly simple but totally addictive as a tool and  cuts the finest and daintiest vegetables ever. The brand is Zyliss but there are lots of slightly similar ones to try.

Any how… Fry your delicately sliced shallots in  rapeseed oil in a large frying pan- Again: my new one is brilliant and a cross between a wok and a frying pan! -non stick on top of that!
Forgive me if I tend to get ecstatic about new kitchen implements… If I wasn’t that way inclined I would not be writing this blog!

Back to the frying pan: Now fry the bacon slices in with the shallotts. Leave aside while you deal with the chicken livers.

Clean and de-nerve the livers – that’s easy: just cut off any fatty and nervy bits. Cut up in chunks  and throw them in with a good splash of red wine. A fruity merlot works best. Brown the meat a few minutes.

Clean the button mushrooms and add them whole. Season with a capful of OXO, abundant thyme and pepper. Then add a glass of beef stock or just water. Let the pan bubble while you cook the pasta in a pasta steamer. Sprinkle a coffee spoon of arrowroot to thicken the sauce then a big spoon of mascarpone. Cut some fresh oregano and basil on top.

Leave to simmer until the sauce is nice and creamy . When the spaghetti are cooked “al dente”(about 10 min in rolling boil), throw them in the pan and just coat them in the rich sauce. Add more basil or oregano or pepper if necessary.
Serve for lunch with a green salad.

Nutrition notes: This is a very balanced meal with lots of fibre and some good amino acids and iron from the liver. Because it is a carbohydrate dish, it is advisable to eat it for lunch rather than dinner so that you can burn the energy during the day. All carbs are better metabolised if eaten at lunch-time.


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