>Roasted Frigitelli peppers

>Last year, coming back from Mallorca, I did this recipe with Padron peppers but today for some reason I keep getting those sharp Frigitelli peppers and can’t find the Padrones, so never mind! The Frigitelli are sharper and the Padrones slightly bitter but both equally delicious.

Just clean the peppers in running water. Then chop the end bit and shake the seeds out. Don’t worry if some are unwilling. Lay them in a roasting pan, sprinkle with olive oil and sea salt and roast at high temperature until the skin blisters and the pepper is tender. Serve cold like a tapas, or before a meal, with a glass of wine equally sharp and flavoured. As soon as the heat draws in I am very fond of tapas and find it the best way to have a light evening meal.


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