Tumbet Mallorquin- a veg bake with a twist


One great pleasure to be derived from travelling is the coming home
with a notebook full of new dishes, unusual ingredients and new ways
of accommodating old ones!

This lovely melting ‘tumbet’ was first served to us in Santa Maria dei
Cami with a ripe and rich Macia Batle 2007 from the nearby cellars!
(See pictures!)

A thoroughly pleasurable combination which proves once more that there is a truth in combining local dishes to local wines that no amount of theory can unravel.

Ingredients list:
Aubergines 2
Onions 2
Tomatoes 6
Red peppers 3
Potatoes 3 large ones
Sea salt
Spanish virgin olive oil

Wash the aubergines and slice them. Then rub them with a bit of salt and let them ooze out a bit. Later you can rinse and pat them dry and they will be ready to fry.
Wash and peel all the other vegetables separately then fry them in batches, starting with the potatoes and finishing with the combined chopped onions and chopped seeded tomatoes. This last batch will be your sauce but make sure it does not get too wet because the dish needs to have a good, meaty concentration without being too juicy. Reserve each batch in a separate bowl.

Ideally you will use several individual terracotta dishes, or one single one. Start layering the cooked vegetable starting with the tomato and onion then a layer of potatoe, followed by aubergines then peppers and a last coat of tomatoes. Put in a warm oven for 40 minutes or until all the layers melt under the spoon as soon as it is inserted!

A truly simple dish in the sense that Escoffier must have meant when he advocated “Faites simple”, as in be true, be real, let the ingredients shine through as they simply should. Hence no other seasoning is needed here than a little sea salt and the purest olive oil.


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