>Pan amb oli


Few dishes are better suited to the beach than the simplest one of
all: a thick slab of bread dressed with olive oil and any tasty
topping! In my bit of the mediterranean coast we call it pan bagna,
drenched in red pepper juice and anchovies in oil; in Mallorca they
call it pan amb oli and in Corsica we served it tonight dressed with
goat cheese and honey. The best possible matching for the creaminess
and sweetness of this was a dry, beautifully aged white with brioche

Ingredients list: for one
Thick slab of country bread
1 crushed tomato
Olive oil
Two slices of soft goat cheese
A few nuts
A drizzle of corsican honey

A breathtaking view of the sea and some very good friends to share it all with! I had it all!

Drizzle the olive oil on the bread. Dress each slice with the crushed tomatoes (roughly done in a blender) then put the sliced cheese and nuts on top before grilling for a few minutes.
Serve warm with a good swirl of runny honey over it. Delicious !


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