>Paneton d’ aubergine


I ate this as a starter in a village bistro in Castillon du Gard and I HAD to make my version as soon as I got close to an oven!
This is a creamy and tasty loaf, closer to a flan consistancy but baked in a cake pan for convenience.

Ingredients list
Aubergines 6 medium
Eggs 6
Salt, pepper and thyme

Olive oil

Cut off the end of the aubergines and put them whole in a baking dish into

a hot oven for one hour.
When they are soft to the touch, peel them and dice them into a 
blender with one tbsp of salt, pepper and thyme combined.

Beat the eggs as if for an omelette, add one spoonful of virgin olive

oil and mix with the aubergines in the blender.
Pour the mix into a greased cake tin.

Bake at 170 degrees for 1hour.

Turn the tin onto a serving dish and serve at room temperature with a 
good tomato coulis or just some fresh tomatoes, olive oil and thyme 
crushed in the blender.
A fat-free, light and easy starter if ever I saw one and it looks like 
you’ve spent hours perfecting it… Credits without the sweat: that’s 
my idea of a good deal!

One response to “>Paneton d’ aubergine

  1. >Cela a l'air encore plus apétissant qu'à Castillon du gard!Bisous,Eric

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