>Roasted vegetable autumn pie

>Roasted vegetable autumn pie

The night before you will have roasted the sliced vegetables on an oiled tray: one fennel, two large sweet peppers, red or yellow. Alternatively, like me, you've just used left overs from yesterday: I had made too much roasted peppers with the couscous salad.

Ingredients list:
One roll of frozen all butter puff pastry
Sliced and peeled roasted peppers
Sliced and roasted fennel bulb
Sliced or cherry tomatoes (handful)
Pureed or chopped sundried tomatoes

Lay the pastry in a pie tin with removable bottom if possible as this is a very messy pie to cut!
Spread a big spoonful of mustard on top and lay the vegetables in a pretty and colourful mess! Decorate with the anchovies and sundried tomatoes. Then put on the middle shelf of a very hot oven (180 degrees Celsius ) for 20 minutes.

My mum used to do a version of that pie for us when we were growing up, just with juicy sliced beef tomatoes. I call this one an autumn pie because of the lovely warm colours of the peppers; but it really is still a summer recipe, the kind of which remind us of al-fresco lunches in the sun on days just like today: I am eating this outside and sunning my eyelids to a lovely ray of light falling directly onto my plate.

Diane Frost
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