>Chesnut autumn bread

>Chesnut autumn bread
I am an avid reader of nutrition and health books and I understand wheat is not the best flour for optimum digestion so I regularly experiment with alternatives. Here is one!
I brought back from the Cévennes a chesnut flour with hints of roasted chestnuts. In this hilly part of France -as also in Corsica-, they make bread and some delicious biscuits with it. I have become quite a fan.

Ingredients list:
Chesnut flour 150g
Strong bread flour 200g
Oatbran 50g
Salt and sugar 1 tbsp
Fresh bakers yeast 15g
Water 100ml
Melt the yeast in warm water then top up to the 100ml mark. Make a well with both flours in a large bowl. Add salt and sugar. Pour the liquid in slowly while mixing.
Stop when the mix forms a wet and sticky ball. Cover with a plastic bag and leave to raise in a warm and draft-free place.
Later, knead well, adding flour if it is too sticky.
Shape into small tins or cake pan and leave to stand for a few minutes. Put in a hot oven (220∘) for 10 to 15 minutes.
The chesnut will prevent this bread to rise much but it also gives it unusual hints of crème de marrons and a moist texture. It would be lovely for a smart dinner party.

Diane Frost
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