>Vanilla panacotta with loganberry and passion fruit sauce

>Vanilla panacotta with loganberry and passion fruit sauce

This is a very pretty pudding for a dinner party and you make it the day before so it’s less work on the actual night!
I find that panacotta is a luscious alternative to ice cream now that summer is over. Easier to make and just as indulgent.

Ingredients list:
Double cream 500g
Sugar 80g
Vanilla pod (split lengthwise)
Gelatine 1/3 of a packet or enough to set 1 pint
2 passion fruit and 10 loganberries for the sauce

Get the cream and sugar with the pod thrown in up to boiling point but not quite. Turn with a wooden spoon until it is smooth and the sugar has dissolved.
Melt the gelatine powder by sprinkling it into the hot cream, off the hob. Let it dissolve again fully. Use a whisk if it is still lumpy.
Pour the cream into individual dishes such as mini pudding basins and it cool down. Later put them in the fridge to set overnight or at least for one hour.
Strain the loganberries and the passion fruit pulp into a sieve and reserve this liquid in a saucepan. Put a tbsp of sugar in or not, according to taste…
To serve the panacotta, put each pan in a cup of hot water then turn in swiftly over a plate and dress with the sauce. You can also use fresh berries to decorate or a sprig of mint.

Diane Frost
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