>Brandade de Nîmes

>A recipe from my bit of South : we didn’t just invent the blue jeans!
There it is nursery food of the most satisfying kind… I know it is served now as a posh starter in some restaurants but for me it is simply low cost, affordable and nourishing family cooking. A great way to get the kids into fish! Irresistible with cheese as a toastie.

Brandade nîmoise

Ingredients list:
salted cod 2 sides or 500g
Olive oil 350ml
Milk 150ml

Bay leaves plus sprigs of rosemary and thyme

Two days before, rinse the cod and put it in a bowl full of fresh water. Leave in the fridge and change the water twice if possible. On the day, prepare a pan with boiling water, add the herbs. Plunge the cod in and boil for 8 minutes. In the blender, flake off the cooled flesh, discarding carefully all bones and skin. Then proceed as for a mayonnaise by slowly adding half the oil while whisking: the cod mixture will become quite smooth and thick. When you have your Mayo consistency, put the cod in a pan on the hob on low heat and keep churning. Slowly add the milk and the rest of the oil and cook for about 15minutes, always turning and checking for creamyness. Stop only when it tastes and looks right!
In Nîmes, we serve it warm with toast and a green salad or try grilling it in a shallow dish topped with grated cheese!

This dish is obviously a family favourite but I’ve never found a better recipe before: this one is as straightforward as it is delicious. If you make a big batch it will keep for a good week or two in the fridge.

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