Chicken liver paté


Mums like me are always looking for healthy, lean and inexpensive recipes to make at home and this one fits the bill perfectly – plus it provides an unfussy and tasty way to introduce my children to liver. 
Despite its obvious health benefits (lean, full of good B vitamins and amino acids), liver is not very well liked in our house… But we LOVE this :

Chicken liver paté

Ingredients list:
Chicken liver 500g
Butter 40g
Crème fraîche 40g
Port 3 Tbsp
Garlic, 1 clove
Fresh thyme
Salt and pepper

Clean and trim the chicken livers carefully, rinse and dry.
Melt the butter in a pan and quickly brown the liver in the melted butter. They must remain pink inside. Add the port and let it steam off.

Put in the bowl of the food processor and add the herbs and seasoning.
Mix until smooth then add the cream and mix again.

Put in a medium size tureen or individual shallow dishes. For the finishing touch, melt some goose fat or extra butter in a small pan and pour on top (a thin layer is enough). This will prevent oxidation and keep your paté looking fresh for longer. I use goose fat because it is a very healthy fat for the heart but it doesn’t matter too much since you’ll probably scrape this layer off before eating anyhow. This is a very lean recipe compared to most shop bought versions. And it tastes just right on toasted rye bread with a few crunchy gherkins.

Make a couple of days in advance and it will easily keep for a week.

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