>Pressé d’agneau


Now forgive me: I do not usually want to do restaurant food at home; there are places for that!
But this incredible lamb tureen was produced for us by Mr Borgès, chef at La Lozerette in the beautiful Tarn valleys above Florac in the Cevennes mountains and I think it is a great way of serving a sunday roast with a difference! Yes, it takes two days and I normally draw the line at half hour, but it is well worth it…

Pressé d’agneau de La Lozerette

Ingredients list:
Lamb shoulder, off the bone
White wine 1 bottle
Tomato concentrate ½ small tin
Onions 2
Salt and pepper to taste
Fresh Herbs: mix of rosemary, thyme and laurel

The day before: put your lamb in large chunks into a large cooking pan. Pour the wine and soak the herbs in it. Cover tightly and put in a warm oven (140℃)for 7 hours. You don’t necessarily need to hang around but be there in the last hour at least to check!

Take your meat out of the oven and with a spoon and fork, carefully push all the flesh off the bones. Try and remove any large bits of fat that remain, if any. This dish should be moist but lean. Strain the sauce into a saucepan and press the flesh inside a tureen or a cake pan for the night. Cover with foil, put some kind of weight on it if you can and reserve in the fridge.

On the day, skim the fat off the saucepan then warm the tureen in the oven while you let the sauce reduce a little further in its pan. The smell of both should be heavy with herbs and wine…
Serve out of the pan and cut in thick slices like a loaf, with the warm sauce on the side.
I served it with warm lentils but any winter vegetable will do.

I was travelling in the Cévennes last August, in the south of France and we stayed at a charming hotel called « La Lozette », about half hour from Florac. I had selected it because it enjoyed a great location for walking the hills and swimming in the river but also because it is graced with one of the best tables in the area: This recipe was kindly given to me by the chef, Mr Borgès. It is one of the best lamb recipes I’ve ever tasted !

Recipe from Mr Borgès at La Lozerette, Cocurès. With much thanks.


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