Apple and blackberry crumble


4 to 5 Bramley apples
A handful of frozen blackberries
A good cupful of rolled oats
A tsp of oats bran
Half a deck of cards of butter
A cup of brown granulated sugar
A Tsp of flour
A tsp of cornflour
A capful of orange blossom water

Mix the oats, bran, butter, sugar and flour in a bowl: Rub it between your fingers until it comes to a light and sandy texture.

Dice the fruit into a pie dish, add the frozen blackberries from last summer and dab with the orange blossom water. Dust with the cornflour, then sprinkle the topping generously until it covers most of it. This is not a neat recipe: no need to be prissy about it! The rougher, the better.

Bake at 180° for 45 min.
The crust needs to be golden and crunchy like a flapjack.

Eat warm with ice-cream.

This is such an iconic pudding it needs no introduction but the use of oats and bran instead of flour makes it a very healthy option because of the good fibre and the low sugar content.

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