Panetone bread and butter pudding


The ideal recipe for using up stale panetone and brioche, left over after the festivities. It tastes fabulous especially for the vanilla, rum and cinnamon added to it!

First make an easy egg custard:
2 medium egg yolks
one whole egg
Single cream 500ml
Brown sugar 2 Tbsp
Cornflour 1tsp

Other ingredients:
Rum and vanilla, for flavour
Half a stale panetone or Pandoro

Mix all the ingredients with a whip then heat the mix up in a pan until near boiling point and cook for 4 minutes whilst still whisking from time to time. The liquid must thicken a little but will remain very runny.

Put aside to cool and add 1 capful of vanilla essence and one of dark rum.

Cut up the stale panetone in slices and arrange them tightly into a deep baking dish. Put a few shavings of butter on the top and pour the custard over. Sprinkle with cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg. Add a few extra raisins if you like. But let it rest for a while before baking. Then bake at 160˚for half an hour or until the pudding is soft set.

Serve with any remaining custard or fruit compote. I served it post-Christmas with some frozen red fruit and cranberries stewed in sugar, like a fruit sauce or coulis.

It reminded me of comforting childhood puds like “pain perdu”, lost in cinnamon, and mushy biscuits crushed in warm custards – the kind you make up for babies but never quite grow out of…
Try this recipe with stale pain au chocolat or brioche and it is very likeable too!

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