>cha soba salad with wakame

>Japanese flavours are a great fall-back position when you want health without giving up taste!

Here is a favourite I found at Feng Sushi, one of my favourite take-away places in London:

Ingredients list:
20 dried seaweed pieces
(wakame can be bought in japanese shops or Wholefood Market).
A bunch of coriander
5 Spring onions
One garlic clove
some pickled ginger
200g of Tofu
2 Tbsp of soy sauce
1 Tsp of Dashi powder
Green tea soba and plain soba noodles

Boil for 6 minutes 150 g of green tea Soba noodles and 150 g of Soba (buckweat based pasta). Rinse in cold water quickly and reserve. Soak the wakame as advised on the packet.

Mix in a food processor the wakame, garlic, pickled ginger, tofu, soy sauce and dashi or bouillon powder. Pour this sauce over the pasta, decorate with the shredded spring onions and the coriander.
Serve immediately as a side dish with sushis or simply smoked salmon.

Nutrition note:
Sushis and fatty smoked fish are a great way of keeping you zinc levels up when you are detoxing or simply restricting the calories. It is important though to always have extra C vitamin with smoked fish to counter the chemicals used in smoking, so do not forget to squeeze a lemon over it! This makes the fat more digestible too, in salmon and sardines for example, but these contains good and important fatty acids so do not skimp – your brain and joints will thank you for it!

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