>Pear Tatin with toffee sauce


First sign of spring on a nearby tree!

Ingredients list:
One roll of all-butter puff pastry
Butter 50g
Brown soft demerara sugar 150g
Vanilla extract 1Tbsp
Fully matured pears 5 to 6
Cinnamon 1 Tbsp
Star anis 2 stars finely grounded

Pre-heat the oven to 180°.
Melt the sugar with a little water into a round le Creuset type pan – it must go into the oven AND over the stove. Add half the butter and let it bubble over low heat until it turns a nice deep amber. Turn all along.
Remove from the heat and add the sliced pears – they should fit snugly and fill all the space because they will reduce quite a lot!
Sprinkle with the spices and the vanilla extract. These bring a lovely spiciness to this dish so be generous. Dot with the remaining butter and arrange the round of pastry over them. Tucking the sides in so there is no empty space. Then bake for 45 min.

When ready, pour out carefully the excess juice – there will be a lot!- and catch it into a pan so it can then be returned to the flame to reduce a little bit. Reserve until ready to serve.

Place a plate on top of the tart and flip the dish over so the pears are now facing up!
Serve warm with the reduced toffee sauce and a dollop of yogurt or cream…

This is a really delicious take on the classic tarte Tatin and very suited to the wonderful varieties of pears we are starting to get at this time of year. Enjoy while it lasts!

This was inspired by a recipe card picked up in a supermarket lately. Never let a good idea pass by!
Messily delicious

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