Bright eyed" carrot and red pepper soup


Ingredients list:
Carrots 3
Red pepper 1
Tomatoes 2
Onion 1
Stock 1 liter
Salt, pepper and fresh crushed ginger
Mascarpone cream for serving

Scrub the carrots and take the seeds out of the tomatoes by removing the brown stem cut and squeezing a  little above a plate.
Rinse all the vegetables and chop them.
Add the seasoning and freshly crushed ginger – I use a garlic press.
Add the stock. Better if you have some left over from broiling a chicken for example: This keeps a good few days in a fridge.
Cook on the stove until the vegetables are soft.
Blitz with a plunging mixer or a blender until smooth.
Serve with a nice dollop of mascarpone on top.

Nutrition note:
This is packed with vitamins (A and C) and lots of good minerals plus the ginger helps to boost the metabolism so it is a great recipe for coming out of winter all bright eyed and clear skinned!
The poetry book is to keep the mind equally challenged and alive… A poem a day keeps the doctor away, does it not?!

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