>Golden onion jam for Spring roasts


I love jams and preserves for their quaint charm and pure indulgence and this is perfect to complement the new lamb, new veal and new everything that comes with Spring!

Ingredients list:

Butter 40g
Onions 3
Sugar 4 Tbsp
Cinnamon 1tsp
Salt and pepper, one pinch of each

Chop the onion finely in a food processor: just peel and chuck in and rejoice because of no tears! Result!
Melt the butter and add the onion puree.
Cook in a small pan on low heat until soft and brownish.
Then add the spices and seasoning.

I keep this in a clean jar for a few weeks in the fridge and warm it up (or not) to eat over a joint of lamb or some duck legs. You can replace the butter with rapeseed oil if you want – but I do love butter! It’s got good vitamins too…

Orchid display in Kew

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