>Mussels up!


Dinner ready!

Tuna and Mussels lasagna

Ingredients list:
½ onion
rapeseed oil
Butter 20g
½ tin of chopped mushrooms
!/2 tin of tomatoes in juice
Tomato paste 2 tbsp
Passata 500ml
Glass of water
1 stock cube
Salt and pepper
Cooked and Frozen mussels 3 big handfuls
Tuna 1 tin
Mixed parsley and thyme 1 Tbsp
Crème fraiche 3 Tbsp
Spinach lasagna 5 sheets
Grated cheese 50g
Make the sauce in a large pan or wok: Fry the chopped onion first.
Add all the ingredients but the cream and let it all bubble up. It needs to cook and thicken nicely.
When the sauce has reduced, pour the cream in. 
Take off the hob.
Layer the spinach lasagna in a rectangular gratin dish then pour some of  the sauce and add one more layer.
Add sauce and lasagna sheets till all is used up.
Add grated cheese on top.
Bake at 180° for 25 min.
Serve hot with rocket salad and ketchup!
This is a great way to get some shellfish and zinc into the family diet. Really delicious and popular too.
I find its a nice twist on the traditional lasagna and because it uses fish rather than red meat, it is a welcome alternative.  


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