>Cinnamon buns for Sunday brunch


I borrow this recipe from the Avoca café in Dublin. I love cinnamon in all its guise and will be baking these for my children as a holiday treat for Sunday brunch!
Those buns are chewy, moist and deliciously flavoured – perfect for brunching.

Ingredients List:
Strong white flour 450g
Pinch of salt
Caster sugar 50g
Butter 50g
Milk 200ml
Dried yeast 1 Tbsp
Egg 1, plus extra to brush on

For the filling:
Butter 100g
Golden brown sugar 100g
Cinnamon 1 Tbsp

Sieve the flour, salt and sugar into a big bowl.
Rub in the butter.
Heat the milk to blood temperature and pour into the yeast.
Combine with the flour.
Beat in the egg.
Combine well using a dough hook if you can and knead until soft and springy.
Leave to rest under some cling film.

Combine the cinnamon and sugar with the soft butter and mix well.
Knead the dough and take a fifth of it to line a cake tin or  any other oven-proof dish.
Roll out the rest of the dough as a wide rectangle.
Spread the filling generously all over. It will get messy but be generous!
Roll up the rectangle like a big swiss roll!

Cut this into several thick slices.
Place the slices on the lining. Leaving gaps in between because they will expand quite a bit.
Egg-wash the top and sprinkle with more sugar and cinnamon.
Cover in cling film and leave to rise 30 min or until it as doubled its volume.

Preheat the oven to 180° and put in a hot oven for 30 minutes.

Serve warm or cold but they are best eaten the same day.



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