Apple and raisin yogurt cake for the week-end!


This is an appley variation on the classic Yogurt cake recipe, and by popular demand this is now our yogurt cake recipe! A delicious family secret.
Note: Pre-soak the raisins and currants in brandy the night before, it will give this cake a nice but subtle flavour.
Ingredients list:
Butter 150g
Flour 200g
Bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp
Yogurt 150g
Brown sugar 150g
Eggs 2
Raisins and currants 150g
Apples cored and sliced, 2
1 capful of Vanilla essence
Mix the sugar and butter in a food processor until creamy and light.
Add the slightly beaten eggs, flour with bicarbonate and yogurt: Use whole milk yogurt, not fat free!
The mix should be light and create a ribbon.
Fold in the drained raisins and the apple slices.
Bake 30 min at 180° C.
This has become a family favourite and my children absolutely loved it! 
   Yet it is surprisingly quick to make.

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