Mini choco soufflés delights

I’ve never understoof with soufflés seem so scarry to most of us when it is the quickest and most fool-proof of family dinner treats ever! Try this one and be a convert!

Ingredients list:
Dark 50% min. chocolate 200g
Egg whites 6
Egg yolks 2
Caster sugar 4 Tbsp
Single cream 4 Tbsp
Butter (enough to smear on rim of mini pans)
Cornflour 1 generous tsp
Thimble of rum or shavings of chilli – optional

The secret to a successful soufflé is to beat the egg white stiff enough but not too breakable so the air trapped in it remains trapped for longer.
Oh, and to preheat the oven, of course. Here, put it on at 180〫.

Smear the rim of each individual dish with a finger dipped in butter. Don’t even bother to butter up the whole thing: Have you ever eaten a chocolate soufflé that did not stick to the bottom?! Me neither.

Melt the chocolate with the cream on low heat.
Turn off the hob before adding the egg yolks.
Beat lightly with a whisk. Reserve.
Now beat the egg whites until stiff while you add the sugar and the cornflour.
Continue beating if you want to add the rum.
You can make more of this mix by adding more liquid so why skimp?!

Mix both the whites and the chocolate yolks together, taking care to fold them in gently rather than break them.

Pour into 6 small oven-proof dishes and put on the lower shelf of your oven.

Bake for 10 minutes max to get a gooey centre but wait until the top has risen nicely. Better have your guests waiting for it than the other way round, for a souffle has to be eaten immediately!
If you follow these instructions, this is a completely foolproof recipe! Trust me! If it is not, please do tell me… I promise I won’t mind… too much.

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