Welcome onboard!

Phew… The new house is now almost “Home” to us five and this blog has found a new platform and I very much hope a new impetus as well!

In order to further my culinary journeys, I have decided to include more of my London ramblings and the next one will take me around Bow, in true Cockney country. I have always been fascinated by this end of town and by the language it created so I need to go and see this part of London by myself. More on that soon, but while I get organised, there is always the archives and the previous stories where you can have a little tour yourself.

Full shelves

Books and books...

Talking about archives, the British Library is launching this amazing web archiving project and I am very excited to be a (very) small part of it! Indeed, my blog will be archived soon under the London French Archiving project heading and there will be a whole virtual road dedicated to the French web presence in London. I love libraries and archives, so you can imagine my excitement at being included…

You can have a look at this project on , and maybe decide to join by sending them your URL too. An incredible puzzle is being put together at the British Library of all of the UK sites and I wish them all the success with this gigantic challenge.


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