Easy-peasy steamed shoulder of lamb

July is a month for joyful family events (namely our anniversary…) and all kinds of end of exams celebrations, and in anticipation of all that rumpus, I wanted to share my favourite and most seasonal celebration lunch menu:

  • Steamed shoulder of lamb
  • Spinach, rocket and feta salad with pine nuts
  • Homemade pommes allumettes
  • Raspberry crumble
  • Clementine and almond cake

Now for the meat recipe: Select a nice plump shoulder of lamb with your butcher.You will cook it slow so it needs a fair bit of fat on.

Rub it with oiled hands smothered in salt, pepper, cumin, oregano or any favourite herbs.

With the tip of a knife, slit the flesh in two places and wedge in each a big garlic clove.

Put in a steamer, tighly sealed in foil, for 3 to four hours, depending on size. I put a wedge of lemon and a sprig of thyme in the water. So that the whole house is beautifully fragrances in the process! This needs to steam on a slow hob, not too fast. You know it is ready when the meat almost falls off the bone by itself.

My grand mother then transfers it to a roasting pan, smothers butter on top and puts it for 10/15 min under a grill to finish off. Put some more unpeeled garlic cloves around in the roasting pan where they will bake “en chemise”!

a great sunday lunch requires a perfect setting

The fat is crispy, the flesh moist and lean ; ready to serve just by pushing a fork through. Eat with couscous and roasted vegetables for a sublime family lunch…

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