Detox and well-being: An Epicurean approach

I enjoy life’s pleasures as much as the next person – OK! Maybe a little more…
But I also enjoy looking after my health and a regular detox is how I take care of the future and invest in a proper “life insurance”… Like a true Epicurean, I believe in a balance of pleasures and I can give up on some short term lifestyle habits in order to reconnect with what is really important : a healthier life for a happier (and maybe longer) life.

I hosted a Detox workshop at home for Londres Accueil and we shared tips and ideas around some fancy seeds flapjacks and a healthy smoothie : Try this

Your shopping for health trolley should include these 10 categories of ingredients:

  1. Citrus fruit, berries, sweet potatoes, melons, sweet peppers
  2. Spinach, broccolis, tomatoes
  3. Bran, wheat-germ, onion, garlic and mushrooms
  4. Oily fish (tuna,sardines,salmon, maquerel)
  5. wholegrain bread and cereals (rye, barley and oat based)
  6. Dried and fresh fruit
  7. Nuts and seeds
  8. Poultry and fish
  9. Omega rich eggs
  10. Water, herbal teas, classic Soda water (best fizzy drink – no sugar)

Need a jump-start? Here is a menu suggestion:

Tip: Green tea or a magic potion of hot water with lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper can help speed up your metabolism and make you feel more alert and awake without the help of caffeine.

Detox is also a time for pampering and “looking after number one” – Sorry… I often forget who that is myself! If you are constantly stressed and your breath is shallow, it is important to sort this out first. I practice yoga and if it has taught me nothing else, it has taught me deep, rejuvenating breathing habits.

During this time in particular, I also use a lot of essential oils and this is how they can help us detoxify:

Facial steam: above a pan of steaming water, wrap a towel over your hair and use cinnamon or thyme oils – only a couple of drops. Use neroli or grapefruit if you need an uplift.
Massage lemon, grapefruit and bergamote in a carrier oil on energy points such as solar plexus, inside wrist or nape of the neck but check first for any allergic reaction because these are very active and can’t be used for example in a bath! Use lavender or roman chamomile in the bath to balance and re-energize.

Do not forget that your skin is the largest detoxifying organ in your body and indulge in facials, massages, dry skin brushing and any other exfoliating you can think of! A skin that breathes is the basis of a healthy detox. Summer is the best time to show it off and look after it.

For me, the objective is not to become totally ascetic and live 110 years of a long life of self-deprivation but to learn the principles that will help our bodies to keep in optimum health for as long as possible.

Enjoy the summer and harness the energy of nature !

Atelier Detox in French  Atelier Detox slidesb
Conseils et recettes en français

One response to “Detox and well-being: An Epicurean approach

  1. Loads of good tips and advice, thanks Diane!

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