Roast monkfish in pancetta corset

Monkfish is a bit of a luxury but it is the most delicious fish and has NO bones, making it one of the best choices for families. This recipe is super simple and looks brilliant!

Monkfish tail in its bright corset

Ingredients list:

  • Monkfish tail
  • Enough pancetta slices to cover it up
  • Ground pepper
  • cherry tomatoes, a baker’s dozen!
  • ground pepper
  • a little olive oil
Get the fishmonger to remove the skin.
Lay the tail in an oven proof dish and warm the oven.
Wrap it in several strips of bacon or pancetta.
Scatter clean cherry tomatoes around.
Drizzle a little olive oil, season with pepper.
Put in a hot oven (180°) for 15 minutes max – depending on size.
Best way is to carve it like a roast, in thick slices.
Nutrition note: Fish is a very healthy source of protein. This is lean and full of vitamin Bs, omegas, phosphorus and selenium. So great against ageing!

4 responses to “Roast monkfish in pancetta corset

  1. butterflyexperience

    Now that does look good enough to eat!
    Have not cooked monkfish before and willing to give your recipe a try )

  2. Great to hear the photos are apetizing! Hope you enjoy the dish. Diane

  3. What can I replace the bacon with?

    • OUps! ça c’est une colle! I suppose strips of courgette could work or just a topping of dry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella could be nice too: Let me know if you try something you like! I should use your tomatoes to do that asap)- thx

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