Lavender ice-cream to cool off the heat!

When I was a student on holiday, I once made this lavender ice-cream for a whole summer and so I offer this recipe to the friends who used to share it! This is for Caroline, Elise, Noheed, Anne-Laure, Pauline and everybody else who remembers. And of course for my “fellow foodie friend” Tina who shared the newest batch yesterday afternoon in my garden. Lavender aroma is a truly calming and balancing food so this is much more than ice-cream…

Ingredients list:

  • Whole milk 330ml
  • Vanilla pod slit in 2
  • Golden sugar (or brown) 50g
  • Set honey 70g
  • Egg yolks 4
  • Double cream 300ml
  • Lavender sprigs 5 to 8 (with flowers!)

    lavender ice-cream spoon

First gather some fresh lavender or ask friends with gardens if they have any!

Put the milk in a pan with the honey and vanilla and bring to just below boiling temperature. Whilst watching the level, make a whisk with the sprigs of lavender and use it to shake the milk about. Leave it to simmer but still watching it intently because you don’t want any bubbles lest the milk should curdle.

Beat the yolks with the sugar.

When the milk is very hot but not boiling yet, pour it into the yolks whilst whisking or panning with a wooden spoon.

Add the cream and blend in well.

Leave it covered to infuse- with the lavender still in- for a few hours or a whole night.

With a cheese clothe and a sieve, strain the cream into a clean container, making sure you squeeze all of the fragrance out and end up with a vanilla coloured, perfectly smooth cream.

When it is cold – I keep it one night in the fridge- you can then use your ice-cream maker or any other favourite method to freeze it. I swear by mine: it was one of the best wedding present ever and it makes a velvety ice-cream in under half-hour… But my sister-in-law Anne-Laure uses a container in her freezer and it works well too.

Enjoy with biscuits or lavender muffins!

Tasting notes: The vanilla puts a lid on the more floral lavender tones so this stays subtle and doesn’t smell like cheap Eau de toilette! You can adapt this recipe to use other herbs such as rosemary or thyme.

My friend Line makes a splendid tarragon version…

Instead of labelling your container, use a sprig inside!

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