Velvet smooth courgette bake

Summer is a time for enjoying all the wonderful mediterranean vegetables that we don’t tend to get for the rest of the year. I try and make use of the seasonal cornucopia of tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and others as much as I can!

Enjoying the summer tastes and building sandcastles!

Here I give you a family recipe that has delighted us for generations with its simplicity and rich taste:

Ingredients list:

  • 4 big courgettes
  • Creme fraiche 125 ml
  • Milk 60ml
  • egg 1
  • Grated Emmental 100g
  • Pepper
  • Pancetta

Take 4 beautiful  courgettes, rince and slice them in half.

Steam or boil them briefly until slightly tender but not fully cooked.

Slice them thinly and lay the slices into a buttered dish.

Cover the first few slices with a few spoonfuls of cream and a bit of grated cheese and layer the dish until you run out of ingredients. Best to use quite a deep dish and not too large, like a tureen for meat loaf or patés for example.

Beat the whole egg in a glass of milk and and pour over the top. Add cubes of pancetta and ground pepper to taste. You can sprinkle the top with Parmesan if you don’t eat pork. I never use salt here because of the cheese!

Bake on medium heat for 35 minutes until it is properly roasted and very soft, and you can serve it with a spoon. Guaranteed to please everybody including those who think they have no taste for courgettes! How deluded…

Dunes and kite surfers at L'Espiguette

This was the view last week and the location of a great “cousins” picnic, on what is officially for me the most beautiful beach in the world: Our sea to the South, Camargue to the North and the foothills of the Cevennes dreamily appearing to the East in ghostlike shadows…



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