Pink folly: raspberry, champagne and white chocolate tiramisu

Tiramisu rose

This is a very indulgent and pretty looking pudding for a dinner party or a gourmet lunch. It is perfect also, for AFTER the party, to use up half-drunk bottles of champagne… I devised it at first for my daughter who harbours a deep love of white chocolate but if you are worried about the alcohol content (you should not…), you can always make it with earl grey tea, rose syrup and elderflower cordial instead of the champagne. Whatever you choose, it HAS to be pink, though.

Ingredients List:

Pink Perfect!

  • 1 packet of 20 sponge fingers
  • Half a bottle of lambrusco or champagne rosé
  • Mascarpone 250g
  • Single cream 150ml
  • White chocolate 180g
  • A drop of water to melt the chocolate
  • Demerara sugar, 2 Tbsp
  • Raspberries 400g

Melt the chocolate on low heat with the water and sugar. Be careful not to overheat. White chocolate burns even faster than dark chocolate…

Whisk this into the mascarpone until it resembles a soft mayonnaise. Don’t beat it too long though or it will curdle up – If it does, try adding a little spoonful of cornflour.

Dip the biscuits in the wine, dipping all sides. Lay them into your gratin dish and throw a scatter of raspberries on top.

Spread a layer of mascarpone and chocolate cream. Beat the single cream and add a few dollops of this.

Add a layer of biscuits, then follow with another  carpet of raspberries and  a little more whipped cream. Cover with the rest of the mascarpone and decorate the top with raspberries, candied violets and a sprinkle of cocoa.

Reserve in the fridge for at least half hour.

Pretty party food

 This is a very festive and pretty version of the classic tiramisu. I made it by chance one weekend, in advance of some party, to use up some “biscuits de Reims” I had collected from France and it has stuck to our repertoire of favorite puddings. It is quite a grown-up recipe but if you are making it for children, you can dip the biscuits in rose syrup and elderflower and that works beautifully too. When I can get hold of French biscuits de Reims, in their unique pink colour, I make it with those for a very « couture » look !


2 responses to “Pink folly: raspberry, champagne and white chocolate tiramisu

  1. That looks fabulous and truly indulgent! And I love the name ‘pink folly’, it’s perfect.

  2. Thx for visiting! I returned the favour and I LOVE your idea of a ;motorway guide. looks like the guide I wanted of good pub grub just off the road, so hubby doesn’t complain about the detour… I ll definitely try it.

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