Scary zombie Halloween cake pops- Not for wimps

Here I am succumbing to the new cake trend – when I had sworn I would not!- and giving you a cake pop recipe that works really well as a Halloween themed treat… I even give you a truly disgusting Halloween decoration idea at the end for a lollipop inspired by the horrid monster at the center of the wonderful Spanish film “Pan’s Labyrinth” – A truly horrific Halloween figure if there ever was one… But a beautiful and moving story by Benicio del toro!

Ingredients list:

  • 370gself-raising wholemeal flour
  • 300g brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon raising powder
  • 1large spoon of cinnamon
  • 15 cl rapeseed oil
  • 4 large eggs
  • vanilla extract
  • 180g shredded coconut
  • 180g grated carrot or 180 grated pumpkin (or half of each)
  • 1 grated apple

For the binding:

  • 1/2 small tub of cream cheese and ½ tub of mascarpone
  • Lemon juice and icing sugar to taste ( I sometimes cut corners by using 2 spoonfuls of good lemon curd instead)

carrott and pumpkin cake pops

For the covering and decorating: 

Melt some candy melt in white or white chocolate covering and sprinkle sugar vermicelli while still soft.

Warm the oven at 180 degree Celsius. Oil and line 2 sandwich tins. Mix all the dry ingredients in a big bowl. Add the oil, beaten eggs and vanilla. If the mix is on the dry side, add a little milk. It must be heavy but still moist.

Fold in the grated carrots and coconutapple optional. Bake for 35min at 180.

Mix the mascarponecream cheese, icing sugar and lemon juice together. I use roughly the same quantity of sugar than cream. This is not about skimping on calories !

Once your cake has cooled down, break it in two and rub the halves together in order to crumble it all. Actually, that is quite fun to do: A bit of deconstructivist cooking!

Once it is all in a rough powder, put some of the binding and mix it in until you can get a nice ball to form in your hands without sticking too much. Shape balls the size of a large walnut and store them on a tray in the fridge for an hour.

Melt the white chocolate (or candy melt) as per the manufacturer’s instructions and dip the lollipop sticks in it then push each into a ball of cake and dip it carefully into the cover. My first attempt was very crumbly and disastrous and it takes a few trials before you get your first ball right. Do not dispair: just eat up and carry on instead!

Roll each of them into the vermicelli if you want version one – or decorate with sticky eyes and no mouth if you want scary version two…


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