My top 5 cookery books for 2012

Like all lists, this one is partial, personal and prejudiced so you have been warned!

There is something that I enjoy more than cooking, it is buying cookery books and my latest purchases include the following:

The Family Meal by Ferran Adria reminds me of old childhood favourites: cookery books that in a step by step illustrated manner took you by the hand and got you safely through your first gingerbread man or your first quiche!

The style and photography is fresh and modern and a daring revamping of the genre. The recipes presented bear no resemblance to El Bulli famously weird and wonderful menu. These are the staff dinners: wholesome, quick and satisfying ; family food at its very best.

I love the retro illustrations and the very fresh and clear chapter design. It is published by Phaidon in their characteristically lavish style – price to boot…

My favourite recipes include the very tasty Porc ribs with a gorgeous barbecue sauce (I tried) and a strawberry with yogurt foam that almost makes me want to rush on Ebay to buy a siphon and a canister of N2O – whatever that is…

This one makes every other book look dated. The instructions are so clear and precise a child could follow them and yet each dish is the sort of dish that you dream of being presented with when you go and visit your relatives! Simple is artful…

My second choice is the Gate Easy (New) Vegetarian Cookbook by Adrian and Michael Daniel.

The Gate is the best vegetarian in our neighbourhood and one of the oldest in London. The recipes are deliciously exotic and perfect for the summer. I want to try making their Mung Bean soup and also the Watermelon and feta salad, not to mention that the puddings sound heavenly! Plus it looks great in the dove grey kitchen with all its lovely warm colours. It is distributed by The Gate.

I have also bought, been gifted or enjoyed this year:

  • Every day and sunday recipes from the Riverford Farm by Guy Watson and Jane Baxter
  • Handmade and homemade, recipes from Jersey by Jersey pottery
  • Small adventures in cooking by James Ramsden

Please note these are current personal favourites and I do not get a penny from the sales! But you can send me your reviews of cookbooks too and I will gladly put a link in for you because there are so many good cookbooks around and I obviously do not read or buy all of them… I wish…


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