Chocolate cake from a faraway island

Chocolate cake is a weakness I try to keep in check but every so often, I give into it… This sunday I had all the children coming back for tea, so I baked this very rich and creamy chocolate recipe that a dear friend of my mother used to bake for us in the island of Martinique. I kept fond memories of this cake and I was very excited to get the recipe!

Some time I feel more like an archivist than a cook and maybe that is what food blogging is really about… The French say that when someone dies, it is a library that goes into flame, so rescuing some of the recipes that were in this “library” might seem trivial to some but it is essential to me. This is what transmission and passing on is all about, is it not?

Ingredients list: This makes a very large cake for sharing at a birthday party for example or you could divide the quantities if you are not feeding the 5000.

  • Eggs, 10
  • Sugar, 500g
  • Flour, 300g (00 grade or fine is best)
  • Dark cooking chocolate, 400g
  • Butter, 330g
  • Pinch of bicarbonate of soda
  • Zeste of one orange

Note: Best to use the butter at room temperature if you can.

First you whip the sugar and the eggs together in a big bowl.

Then let the chocolate melt in a warm oven until very soft. Add the soften butter into it.

Raise the oven to 170 celsius.

Add the egg and sugar mix to the chocolate and beat with a wooden spoon. Zest the orange and add that in. Add the flour with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda.

Pour into a large round cake tin and bake at 170 for about 35 to 40 minutes.

The cake will still be very soft on top and a bit wobbly when it comes out but do not worry. It will set a little as it cools ; you want it very creamy inside!

The orange zest is a true stroke of genius and lingers long in your mouth after the chocolate has receded…


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