Our production at The Healthy Cooking Club yesterday

Here are the beautiful breads that the children produced by using one of two methods : dry baker’s yeast and sourdough. The nutty one is a sourdough loaf: I had been preparing my starter or “Chef” for the past month! It was nicely bubbly and curiously appley smelling by the time we used it! I had never done that but I was encouraged by my niece Tonie’s advice and I recommend anybody tries it. This is what the Real Bread Campaign is all about: real, free of additives, wholesome and local bread! I am even just now secretly thinking of opening a home bakery from my oven… They are mushrooming all over the country and offering Real Bread to anyone who is tired of the supermarkets sweetened and artificial loaves. Browse the Real Bread Campaign directory for more.

Meanwhile, I will just butter myself a sourdough toast and try the fresh strawberry Jampote with it. I can’t think of a nicer way to wake up right now! The jampote and sourdough recipes will get onto the blog soon…
I thank all my little bakers of yesterday for their keen work and happy mood! They left with little bags of scones and their own soda bread– which were also delicious. I certainly enjoyed my morning with you!


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