A Sicilian Feast – Ideas for Cooking Sicilian Food, and Ciao!

Sicilian Recipes – Ideas for Cooking Sicilian Food | Think Sicily.

As I am about to depart for a food and art Odyssey in Sicily , I want to share with my readers the wonderful flavours and ideas I have been sourcing already on the net…

So even before I set foot in Palermo, here are a few mouthwatering sicilian recipes, courtesy of the brilliant site www.thinksicily.com., winner of two Traveller’s awards.

I have downloaded their “Think Sicily” App for iPhone, I have packed a small cabin bag for each of us , taken the passports and my driving licence, charged the kindle and even downloaded lots of nutrition and health podcasts on my tiny Ipod for the flights. I am SOO excited… I am heading off to a a country of lemon groves, sandy beaches, fabulous food and gorgeous Greek temples…

Hoping to bring back lots of pictures, food bits and recipe ideas…

Ah, and I have left a full fridge for the family, with menus ideas stuck to the door! In the mad hope that the rest of the posse will actually COOK and not just order pizzas… Indeed, I am only taking Number Three on this trip: Have teenager, will travel!


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