Quick yogurt in oven or steamer

This is more of a tip, less than a recipe.
I have been making velvety yogurt in my oven since last year and I have just purchased a brilliant Magimix electric steamer. It obviously does a hell of a lot more, but what this steamer does to perfection is yogurt because it has a 40 degrees position. But oven or steamer, the recipe is the same and works every time:

Take one litre of the best, creamiest organic milk possible, one organic full fat yogurt pot (small Yeo Valley will do) and the same pot full of skimmed powder milk. Mix it all and whisk until smooth. Pour into a jug and then fill 8 to 10 yogurt pots or 6 jam pots. Put into your oven at less than or about 50 degrees or use an electric steamer such as mine. Leave for 10 hours and wake up to the creamiest, most delicious yogurt! Promise!

I do not like sugar in my yogurts but I do put a spoonful of orange blossom water. You can innovate with any other fragrance but this works best for us.
The trick is to use very good, full fat milk and use it at room temperature – I do not bother with heating it up anymore – unless you are lucky enough to use raw milk.

Into clean jars

Into clean jars

Into the steamer for 10 hours at 40 degrees

Into the steamer for 10 hours at 40 degrees

I dedicate this to Tina who said she loved my yogurts on saturday! She won’t be so impressed now she knows it is ridiculously easy to do…IMG_9159

13 responses to “Quick yogurt in oven or steamer

  1. Coucou Diane
    On fait comment sans Magimix steamer?! Est ce que je peux te donner un conseil? Donner les marques et ou trouver les ingrédients!

    Tu as fait une heureuse- Christina 😉
    Sent from my IPhone

  2. Hello Pauline, sans steamer on fait dans le four! je vérifie le lien:) et sinon il n’y a pas vraiment de marques à donner: du bon lait fermier organique (le normal fait un yogurt aqueux), yogurt Yeo valley et du lait en poudre lambda… Rien de sorcier! Essaie et dis moi – tu vas adorer
    PS:Tina est une autre Christina mais j’espère en effet qu’elle va essayer ma recette! xxx

  3. looks super easy – I think I’m going to have to buy another kitchen gadget pretty soon 😉

    • Thanks lizzie for your visit. I do admit the steamer is ultra cool and been used at lot but if it is for the yogurt, this can be done in the oven just as easily – overnight of course cos oven busy for 10 hours!!!

  4. Coucou my friend… J’ai eu ma période yaourt aussi mais cette recette là je n’ai jamais essayé. Merci et je t’embrasse

    • Je suis sure que les tiens étaient parfaits mais essaie celle ci car elle est super rapide et simple 🙂 Tu les faisais au four?

  5. Coucou my sister in….je vais faire ta recette avec du lait bien “fat fat” car je mets du lait 1/2 écrémé et plus de lait en poudre comme tu dis. Je te tiens au courant.

  6. You are right it is as easy as you said it would be. Thank you!

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