Going on a course (or two)!


Please bear with me for a few weeks as the posts are going to trickle through…

The reason is not a holiday (yet) and I am still here, enjoying our British un-summer, but it has more to do with my enrolling on a few new courses – two to be precise- on

So in the next few weeks, I shall be studying “Nutrition for health promotion and disease prevention” with the University of California AND “The Science of Gastronomy” with the HK university of Science and Technology. So really exciting and challenging stuff that will steer this blog towards new and exciting shores I hope!

In case you have not heard of Coursera, go visit on Have a look and enrol ! This is addictive learning at its best : Join me on the Science of Gastronomy that starts in 6 days for example… Chiche?!

Taking the opportunity to wish you all a fun and creative summer!

PS: Other favourite internet based courses are ItunesU, and of course the Open University. Go check them all this summer for new resolutions in September. Nothing beats studying!


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