Mini Christmas cakes for well-wishing

In preparation for a Christmas coffee with girlfriends tomorrow morning, I have baked these little beauties in the afternoon after a grisly midday run and as they are releasing their fragrant appeal through the house, I thought I would reblog this to remind all it is time for some Christmas baking…
Happy baking – and do not get as forgetful as I did just now and – OMG!- I forgot to put in half of the spices … So it is just vanilla, ginger and rum in there… A new twist on my Xmas recipe.

travels around my kitchen

This morning at 11am, A. and I went to Westminster Abbey for the magical “Crib service” in the royal cathedral- because prayers and Carols are as essential to my Christmas as mince-pies and foie gras ! 
Halfway through the nave, a life-size nativity scene awaited us, on a bed of straw, next to two beautifully lit trees… and lots of small children joined in the nicest and best loved carols. It was a very moving, secluded and intimate service – but you are also in for a treat if you have booked seats for the 4pm candlelit Christmas service of today.
There were only a few people with us, all gathered around the Crib and with the 30 metres of the nave above us, figuring the infinite sky beyond the barn. We talked of shepherds coming to worship the babe and of their gifts of lamb. I thought of giving…

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