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Tarte fine à l’ Abricot corse et Au Miel du maquis


Palombaggia beach in Corsica

A crispy, crusty tart, scented with honey infused in the Corsican “maquis”: colorful above all else. I love anything orange; the colour of the sun, the stones and the heat itself. An earthy and grounded colour: “la terre est bleue comme une orange”, says the poet.
Ingredients list:
  • All butter puff pastry
  • 6 to 8 apricots
  • Semolina 2tbsp
  • Honey 4 tbsp
  • Pine nuts, a handful
Preheat the oven to 180.
Roll the pastry to a thin crust. Lay the pastry onto a flat oven tray and make a square shape, taking time to just roll the edge and seal them with a fork.
Shake the semolina all over the surface. This will absorb the excess juices – sometime you won’t need any, sometime more; depending on the fruit!
Cut up the apricots in quarters and place them skin down onto the pastry.
Drizzle your honey on top of the fruit and decorate with pine nuts.
Put in the oven for a good 45 minutes until crispy and make sure the heat is stronger at the bottom of the oven so the pastry dries and gives a dry puff crunch under the bite.
This very simple tart, like all very simple dishes,  deserves the very best ingredients : tasty, supple apricots and the best honey.  Something a bit wild and resinous like a mountain honey… A bit of holiday magic then gets conjured up in your plate.
A beach fringed with water so clear you could keep your eyes open to observe the fish was the setting of a delicious cousins picnic. No photo of the tart as it was eaten too fast but here are more pine scented and sea sprayed photos…

A precious sand-lily still in bloom after the bake-off…

Apricot tart with Bastogne crumble

A trip to Saint Tropez this summer has inspired this simple but cracking recipe.

In the old village, I bought a delicious, caramelised and almost burnt apricot tart for dinner and back home now, I want to recreate these flavours: the tangy apricot, the toffee flavoured topping and the crunchy base, smudged in burnt juice!

Because of a die-hard nostalgia for Bastogne, I have decided to incorporate the biscuits into the tart topping but you can simply use brown sugar and cinnamon instead. Bastogne are the French equivalent of Speculos biscuits; crunchy and heavy in spices. They were my favourite after-school snack…

Ingredients list:

  • Pate brisée base (my recipe to come soon!)
  • Apricots 8 to 10, quartered and stoned
  • Apricot jam 2 spoonfuls
  • Cold butter 50g
  • Brown Demerara or Cassonade sugar 40g
  • 2 Bastogne, crushed

Roll out the pastry under a sheet of cling-film so it does not stick to your rolling pin and lay it into a pie dish.

Prepare and wash the apricots. Cut them up in quarters and arrange them, skin down, onto the pastry base. Pack them very close because they shrink when they cook.

Crush the biscuits into a folded towel with the help of the rolling pin.

Mix the cinnamon and the sugar in a bowl and mix with the crushed biscuits, then  sprinkle lightly all over the fruit.

Brush the edges of the pastry with some apricot jam, all around the rim.

Put shavings of the butter randomly on the tart and put into a warm oven at 160 degrees for at least one hour. It is ready when the sides are almost burnt and the fruit has turned brown.

Serve with Chantilly cream. I have just bought my very own siphon and I can’t stop using it to make all sorts of Chantilly and espumas… More on that in September!

A view into the oven…

Apricots, ricotta and honey cheesecake


Ricotta, apricots and honey cheesecake
Ingredients list:
Apricots 15 halves
Eggs 4
Lemons 1 (zest and juice)
Ricotta 1 large pot (250g)
Sugar 150g
Small glass of limoncello
Short pastry
Cornflour 1 tbsp

Prepare a pie dish with the pastry. Prick it all over with a spoon.
In Two large bowls, break the eggs, yolk and White separately. In the
yolk, mix the ricotta and sugar. In the white, add a pinch of salt and
start beating, slowly adding the lemon juice and limoncello . Add the
cornflour. Beat up until quite stiff.
Add the zest to the yolk mix and blend both compositions together .
Pour the result into the pastry case then decorate with the apricots
and a drizzle of honey. Sprinkle some pine nuts on top.
Bake at 160 degrees for 45 minutes.

We will have this for dinner on the beach, in the dunes next to the wild white lilies growing through the sand and the green juicy samphire that runs up from the marshes.
The sun will go down on the water in front and reflect in the lagoons behind us. And If we are lucky we’ll catch as many shooting stars as we did last night: 6 stars, 6 wishes…