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>Wild boar roast in chocolate and cranberry sauce with poached pears


Perhaps you read Asterix like me when you were younger and perhaps you too did dream of the famous feasts under the oak tree after beating up a few Romans… Anyhow… You don’t have to own up but you might enjoy this most civilised version of the old boar roast!
I served it for Christmas lunch and it was such a success, Cacophonix might have belted out one of his songs afterwards- if only he’d been there!
Remember to get your butcher to prepare a nice rolled up roast-beef style joint, two days before.
Ingredients list:
Wild boar 2 kg
Sugar 200g
Pears 3
Fresh cranberries 150g
Beef stock or cube with water 500ml
Cinnamon sticks
Olive oil
Butter 30g
Dark chocolate 50g
For the marinade, the day before:
Red wine 750 ml/ 1 bottle
Shallots 3 
Garlic clove 1
Black pepper 1 tsp
Bouquet garni
24h before roasting, prepare the marinade and cover the meat in a shallow dish. Cover and reserve in the fridge. Turn it once or twice after this.
On the day, pour 200ml of water in a large pan and stir in 150g of sugar. When it reaches bubbling, poach the quartered pears into it for a few minutes.
In a small pan, add 50g of sugar to some water and cook the cranberries until soft.
Drain the marinade into a third (!) saucepan, add the stock and the cinnamon stick and let it boil then simmer for about 40 min until reduced by at least half! Check the seasoning.
Put aside and you will add the chocolate and cooking juice right at the point of serving.
Preheat the oven to 180°. Heat the olive oil in a large pan and brown the rolled joint in it for a few minutes. Transfer to a roasting tin, put the butter on top and roast for 40min or until the juices run clear but the meat is still pink and tender! Once I overcooked it, waiting for my guests, and it is such a shame because boar becomes very tough very quickly… 
As with all meat, let it rest a few minutes, covered in foil before carving. Add the sliced pears around the meat, ready to serve.
Pour the cooking juices into the reserved sauce with the chocolate: check for flavour! This dish has to have big and strong flavours- add chocolate or seasoning if necessary- Think Obelix! Heat up and whisk before pouring onto the sliced roast. Decorate with the cranberries.
The bold and great mix of flavours is irresistible but not for the faint hearted or anyone afflicted with a modest appetite… Choose your audience!
Recipe inspired by Trish Deseine in her book Nobody does it better.