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Spelt flour crêpes

A week-end in Brittany last year was the motive behind tonight’s post: How could I even get close to the light and plump “crepes” we had enjoyed every morning at Castel Clara?! A breakfast made in Brittany.

For such a simple act – where every actor therefore needs to shine through-  I got together the best ingredients possible: a dreamy salted butter from Borough  Market, some farm eggs, whole milk, sea salt and a light organic Spelt flour.

I had never tried Spelt in pancakes and yet this is the “froment” that the best breton crepes are made of… I used it combined with whole milk for a truly luxury taste. I also mixed it with chesnut flour for a special “galette” version stuffed with my favorite chesnut cream filling. You will have to blame it on my French parents if for Pancake day, I am actually making crêpes and galettes! I do love a nice, thick pancake but a crêpe is both richer and thinner and I for one will embrace that…

Ingredients list:

  • Spelt flour 280g (or 200g of spelt and 80 g of chesnut)
  • Caster sugar 70g
  • Melted salted butter 25g
  • Eggs 2
  • pinch of salt
  • Whole milk 500ml

Mix the sifted flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl.

Make a well and break two eggs in there. Stir with a whip while adding the milk. The batter should be runny and light.

Cover with cling film and put into the fridge to rest for half hour.

We served ours with a double chocolate and caramel sauce. It is Shrove Tuesday only once a year after all… And we have been rehearsing since Sunday so my eldest son did not feel left out!

Supplier’s notes:

The butter comes from Beillevaire in Montpellier street- also a stall in Borough Market

The Spelt flour comes from Doves Farm and the Chesnut one from Clement Faugier

The chesnut jam comes from Michel Croze