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Ever wondered why cheese tastes so much nicer in winter? Of course, it is perfect to give you energy on a cold day like today and even better if it’s in the shape of a delicious “fondue” or “raclette, but the true reason is that cows milked in the winter months have spent the summer in “alpages” or altitude meadows, relishing the glut of alpine flowers available and their milk carries all this fragrance and richness; whereas in spring the cows have fed all winter long in barns on hay and dry food and the cheese will reflect their seasonal diet!
We are what we eat – and cows are too!

SO now is the time to enjoy the Reblochons, Vacherins du Mont d’Or and other creamy mountain cheeses at their very best.

Here is a quick recipe for reblochon:

Reblochon in puff parcel

Take a good, slightly soft to the touch cheese and cut out the edge of the rind with a sharp knife. Remove the red stamp with the knife point and roughly rub off some of the rind with its blade, but leaving most of it.

Take a sheet of puff pastry and put your cheese in the middle. Wrap the pastry all around as if  wrapping a parcel and smooth out the edges, cutting out extra pastry where necessary.

Put for 20 mn at the bottom of a hot oven or until the pastry is raised and golden.
Enjoy warm with a green salad and some boiled potatoes, scrubbed and whole.

…And an irresistible one for vacherin:
Vacherin du Mont d’or in box-fondue 

Take a whole vacherin in its original wooden box, open the lid and put in a hot oven on the middle rack until the top crust gets golden and slightly bubbly.

Serve immediately with a large lettuce salad, some boiled scrubbed potatoes and a selection of salamis, dry sausages and cooked or cured ham.