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>I could not live without….

>I couldn’t live without…
….Bicarbonate of soda !

Bicarbonate of soda is one of the best and safest substances to use around the house. It breaks down easily and harmlessly in the environment plus it is cheaper than anything it might replace. Here are some of the things you can do with it:
Sprinkle bicarbonate into a burnt saucepan and fill with some water. The next day the burnt bits should have lifted off.
Scrub your sink with a bicarbonate and water paste to leave it gleaming.
Make a paste with it to whiten your teeth. After all, this is the base ingredient in most whitening toothpaste.
Clean and deodorise your fridge with it then leave an eggcup-full inside the fridge to get rid of stubborn smells.
Sprinkle inside trainers to make them smell sweeter overnight – works even on the most revolting teen trainers! Just shake them in the morning…
A spoonful of bicarbonate into the cooking water helps garden peas or vegetables keep their bright green colour.
Scrub your wooden chopping boards with a mixture of bicarbonate and vinegar : the board will fizz furiously but once the bubbles subside, brush clean and rinse.
Use to clean tea bag stains or ink from newspapers off any worktops.
Use a pinch of it in your egg whites to get them to stiffen quicker when whipped.
Use as raising agent in bread and baking (soda bread to scones!)

Shall I go on any longer?! Or are you now convinced -as I am- that this is probably the only chemical substance you will ever need to use in your house ?!!