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>The five minutes’ dinner


I was in Sark in the Channel Islands recently and enjoyed the wonderful fish and seafood so abundant there. It reminded me that fish really is the ultimate “fast food”: steam it, bake it or grill it and you are lucky if you have time to set the table during the process!

I always have two kinds of fish in the fridge: smoked salmon and haddock in pepper. But when I can I get fresh salmon or cod. Maybe a few prawns too. That’s all you need for a speedy dinner! And you feel good for eating all these Omegas and giving good fat to your skin and brain…

This is one of my staple recipes for a quick and healthy meal before a good film on DVD or after a busy day out:

Salmon in Filo pastry

Ingredients list:
One skinless fresh fillet of salmon per person
A few sheets of filo or greek thin pastry
Philadelphia or cream cheese
chopped cress or dill
cracked pepper

Put your fillet in the center of the filo sheet. Spread a good spoonful of Philadelphia, season with pepper and add some cress or dill, freshly chopped on top. Wrap you pastry around the fillet and press the corner with a wet fingers to seal it nicely so the steam will remain inside the parcel and give a very moist and flavoursome result.

Put on an oiled tray in the oven for about 10 min  or long enough to brown the pastry. Serve with some lemon quarters and a green salad.