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Beach food on West Wittering

pitch perfect beach

For a long time, I mistakenly thought that all of England’s beaches were pebbly … until I came accross West Wittering! A vast expanse of pale grey sand, just south of Chichester, in West Sussex… No roads, no houses; just a few cows grazing and the sea.

Beach huts on West Wittering beach

We went for the August Bank holiday and stayed at the friendly and homely Beach House, in the only street of the village. A little walk away lies the beach, fringed with crystal clear waters and dotted with beach huts in all shades of blue and white. We had a blustery, sunshiny, showery weather which made our enjoyment of the beach all the more precious – if intermittent! But waking up by the seaside is priceless and I enjoyed by run along the waves in the morning…

The Beach House goat cheese pannacotta:

I had that for my lunch after pottering on the beach while the children took their windsurfing lessons and it was so fresh and clean on the palate that I could not have dreamed up a more pitch-perfect lunch! The kind people at the hotel let me have the recipe and here it is: A fresh yet creamy, flavoured yet subtle, beautiful take on a classic pannacotta recipe.

Ingredients list: This makes 6 portions

  • Milk 300ml
  • Double cream 300ml
  • Fresh soft goat cheese 250g
  • salt and pepper
  • One sachet or 8 leaves of gelatine
Simmer the milk and cream until too hot to touch but not boiling yet.
Add the goat cheese and strain through a fine sieve, pushing the mixture in with a wooden spoon.
Season and add the gelatine bit by bit, making sure to leave no lumps. Mix well.
Then pour into the moulds – mini puddings pans do very well.
Leave to cool then put in the fridge for 1 or 2 hours.
Serve with a salad of mixed leaves and black grapes, dressed with olive oil and light balsamic vinegar. Plus slices of ciabatta on the side!
Traveller’s notes : On our way back from the beach, we stopped in Chichester to visit the cathedral. A gorgeous, medieval cathedral with a window by Marc Chagall and a rambling, maze-like garden.┬áIt is only a couple of hours from London but well worth the journey!

Keeping healthy in the chill? Try this


Health smoothie
This is my very best winter pick-me-up recipe because sometimes I want full on nutrition with taste and this is packed with folic acid, potassium, magnesium and fibre:
1 large banana
3 squeezed oranges
300 ml or 1 big glass of buttermilk (use Kefir or even yogurt if you like)
1 spoon full of wheat-germ
Put it all in a blender with a few ice-cubes and serve chilled.