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Blue smoothie for post-Halloween or Guy Fawkes night!

Recovery smoothie

Recovery smoothie

Ingredients list:

  • Kefir
  • crushed ice
  • Blueberries/strawberry mix
  • Spirulina (½ teaspoon is plenty for one glass)
  • Honey

I mixed this drink for myself one morning on holiday and loved it – so here it is, simple and very refreshing.

Mix the ingredients in the ration that you like but I have listed them above by order of recommended quantity.

Kefir is a fermented goat or cow’s milk drink and is wonderful for your digestive system and Spirulina is a powder made of seaweed that can help your energy levels and is beneficial for all sorts of thyroid or fatigue problems.

Shake and enjoy chilled.

Caribbean cooler with hibiscus flowers

Dried hibiscus flowers

Dried hibiscus flowers

A drink is in order to celebrate the half-term week-end, whether you are at home or away! And because this one is alcohol-free, the children can also enjoy…

I pinch this recipe from Henry Dimbleby, owner of the chain Leon who gave it away in the Guardian, but I have changed the quantities and his call for more sugar. It contains one unusual ingredient, Hibiscus flowers; one that I happen to buy quite often since discovering it in Egypt a few years ago. You can find dried hibiscus flowers in herbal shops, health shops and some exotic grocers. I love the tart taste of this infusion and its beautiful deep crimson colour. It is also very high in vitamin C and extremely refreshing… in the heat.

Ingredients list

  • 1.5 litre of water
  • Dried hibiscus flowers, 50g or two big handfuls
  • Fresh ginger, 1 large piece (peeled and chopped)
  • Orange, 1 zested
  • Cloves, 6
  • Soft brown sugar, 150g

Bring all the ingredients up to the boil in a deep pan and simmer for one minute.

Cover and steep overnight.

Pass through a fine sieve and taste to adjust sugar. You might want a bit more.

Chill and serve in tall glasses with ice.

We loved it and my older son might have liked it even better with a large shot of vodka, which is a very tempting option for a Friday night… A votre santé! Salud! My mum and dad always like to invoke health when drinking and for this once it is exceedingly appropriate, given the digestive ginger oils and the vitamin C content!

I raise this alcohol-free glass to my parents with whom I will be celebrating a 50th anniversary in a warmer clime tomorrow: I love you both and I am very proud of you and of what you have achieved in those well-stocked 50 years.

To my parents 50th anniversary

…for my parents 50th anniversary

Matcha latte- A drink made in Chelsea

This is the sort of posh drink you would imagine the cast of “Made in Chelsea” sipping for their breakfast, still wrapped in a White Company fluffy toweling robe and all the while discussing the latest antics of so and so on their crystal studded Blackberry…

It is also delicious and healthy and packs a good punch against free radicals so your skin will remain radiant and smooth – and Botox-free!

A communal garden off Sloane street

Ingredients list for two glasses:

  • Matcha latte powder 1 tsp
  • Soya milk 250 ml
  • Agave or brown rice syrup 2 Tbsp

Dissolve the green Matcha tea into a little bit of cold milk, then add the rest of the milk into a pan, add the sweetener and warm this over gentle heat.

Just before boiling point, switch off and beat the liquid with a whisk to make it frothy.

Serve into two tall glasses. It should be very warm but not boiling.

You can add some more frothy milk on top like a cappuccino and decorate with a pinch of Matcha.

This is a particularly warming, lean but nourishing drink. I find it is a wacky alternative to coffee and it gives you the zing you require to go bouncing into the afternoon!

You can customise and add more or less sugar according to your taste and mood.

Tombo in Thurloe place (South Kensington) makes a very sweet and indulgent version – and I find myself regularly coming back for more… They also sell divine Mochi sweets to nibble on with your latte. I could give you the exact address but then I’d have to kill you afterwards…

Naughty but nice chocolate dunkers

November is a month for a bit of indulgence, isn’t it? So no sooner have we scoffed up all of the Halloween sweets that we are now preparing for the bonfires of Guy Fawkes night and getting the  mittens and hot toddies ready for an evening out of doors. This year, the Frost household is heading for Edinburgh to watch the fireworks of the Old Castle. I am really looking forward to visiting again a city that I discovered aged 16 with my maternal grand-parents and my wee brothers… See: I feel there already!

Delight in Black and White

This recipe is for you to enjoy after the fireworks: a lovely cup of warm milk is all you need to dunk these chocolate loolipops into a smooth and decadent cup of hot delight… My photos don’t do justice to these, alas, and I failed to temper the chocolate adequately (or cooled it down too fast?) so I did not get a shiny surface 😦 but I will try again and anyhow, the taste was more than adequate!

I have borrowed this recipe from the lovely British Larder, who themselves borrowed it from Ramon Morato… The best tips get passed on! Here it is, almost word for word :

Ingredients list:

  • 250g good quality bitter dark chocolate 70%
  • 3 green cardamom pods
  • 15 marshmallows
  • 15 skewers or lollipop sticks

Prepare the moulds, wash them in hot soapy water and dry them well. I use a flexible rubber mould with 15 holes 4cm diameter x 2cm deep.

If any water comes in contact with the melted chocolate it will be ruined.

I use the thermomix to temper the chocolate. Me too!

To grind the cardamom pods turn the thermomix speed dial to 10 and drop the pods onto the running blades for 30 seconds. Remove any large bits of husk.

Chop the chocolate in even size pieces.

Place the chocolate into the thermomix bowl set the time to 5 minutes at 50°C at speed 1.

Scrape the sides down and set the time to 8 minutes at 37°C, speed 1.

Scrape the sides down and set the time to 2 minutes at 50°C, speed 1.

This might sound a bit crazy but if the chocolate goes over 50°C it’s ruined, you need to melt the cocoa fat inside the chocolate gradually and emulsify the chocolate and fats without incorporating too much air. The result will be a shiny and crisp chocolate.

Spoon the melted chocolate into the clean grease free moulds. Skewer a marshmallow onto skewers that will act as the stirrers, insert one skewered marshmallow into each chocolate filled hole.

Let the chocolate set at room temperature for about 5 minutes, then place them in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool  rapidly and prevent blooming.

Once the chocolate dunkers are set pop them out of the moulds and wrap in parchment paper. Keep the chocolate dunkers in an airtight container in a dark place.

Serve the dunkers with a cup of boiling hot milk.

Makes 15 chocolate dunkers. Or do as I did and get your daughter to make them! Too busy to write and too busy to make, that’s me at the moment! Still, I was not too busy to enjoy my cup! Thank you very much.

Read more: http://www.britishlarder.co.uk/marshmallow-cardamom-and-bitter-chocolate-naughty-dunkers/#ixzz1cauBpGEN

Save a penny for the Guy and have a lovely evening on Saturday, wherever you are. I will be in the far North of Scotland, enjoying the views and tucking into some nice Scottish nosh, I hope!



I am afraid my last attempt at this was slightly bitter because I had BOILED the flowers which Camilla assures me you are not supposed to do! Second attempt and it is delicious, fragranced; just sharp and fresh. Thanks, Camilla! So here is the revised recipe for
Elderflower cordial

Ingredients list:
1 kg of sugar
1 litre of water
20 heads of fresh elderflowers
3 limes plus zest
2 teaspoons of citric acid

Pick the flowers, trying to avoid putting in too many of the small stems and reserve in a bowl. Boil the sugar in the water for a few minutes, making sure all the sugar is dissolved. Pour the boiling syrup over the flowers and stir.

Zest and slice the lemons or limes and put them into the bowl with syrup. Add the citric acid – available at most chemists. My local one stocked it, god bless her!

Leave to steep at least 48 hours covered in the kitchen. Later strain it first into a sieve then through a cheese cloth or fine sieve and bottle in clean glass bottles until ready to use.

This drink is sharp and refreshing and encapsulates for me all the pleasures of an English summer in the country – walks in the woods and wild encounters with Bambi included!