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A Moscow mule to take you to Christmas!

I know ! A donkey would have been more appropriate… but I am not offering you a ride, rather the recipe for my new favourite drink. Which I discovered – of all places!- at my youngest son PTA party. For the un-initiated and the non-British, PTA stands for Parents and Teachers’ Association. But unlike the parents-teachers evenings of my childhood,  it consists of quite a bit of alcool as well as some very nice homemade food ! The trick is not to get too tipsy before you get to see the Physics teacher so your (/my) lack of empathy for his subject is not too blindingly obvious… Excessive enthusiasm won’t do either… He won’t be fooled!

In any case, the Moscow Mule did seem to loosen up

T'is the season of mince pies!

everybody and if it can make a PTA meeting a scream, then it’s got to work everywhere! I loved it and made it at home the next day.

Ingredients list:

  • Two measures of Vodka
  • 3 drops of Angostura Bitter
  • One measure of lime juice (about 3 or 4 squeezed)
  • lots of crushed ice
  • Enough Old Jamaica ginger beer to top up a tall glass

Mix it all in, top up with the ginger beer and decorate with wedges of lime and some fresh mint.


Lemon granité with mint


A recipe for the heat! Cooling lemonade with mint superlative for
Ingredients list:
Juice of four to 5 lemons
Handful of fresh mint
Syrup made with one tall glass of sugar and same quantity of water,
boiled and cooled
Two trays of ice cubes

Chuck everything including the cooled syrup into a blender that can
handle ice and serve immediately in tall glasses with fresh fruit
sliced and some local cakes: for us today, with “coca de patata” a
light mallorquin puff cake made with potato flour and dusted in ice