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London French TV clip, a few addresses and “Bienvenue à Londres” to all!

The line up at the Institut Français- south Ken

The line up at the Institut Français- south Kensington

The conference Bienvenue à Londres last Friday gathered 6 speakers in the Salon of the French Institute with the sole objective to introduce our favourite city to new comers. We talked false friends, language tricks, cultural differences, culinary treasures and local secrets! All credit to the organisers, the room was packed.

Check out the clip done by Cedric from London French TV.

My task was to present British Gastronomy, a tall order in 15 minutes but obviously my number one subject, as you know from this blog! You cannot read my posts and not be convinced that London is the best place to be for food and drink! Especially right now and here is why:

In October, with the London Restaurant Festival in full swing, this town goes crazy about food – something very un-English some would say…  But crazy it goes indeed and there are some wonderful discounts around for the discerning palate. So here is a post about eating out rather than eating in!

WE just sampled the most wonderful food from l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Covent Garden and were looked after by the most charming staff, from sommelier to doorman. The food was creative and beautiful and I loved the lush green plant wall, the exotic wood counter and the eccentric wall covering made of spices behind glass panels. I just regretted not being able to climb to the bar-terrace for a post dinner cocktail but weather not permitting at all.

Spice wall at Joel Robuchon

Spice wall at Joel Robuchon

SO before the end of the month, I urge you to go and try out the LRF offers and support the thriving restaurant scene out there. October is decidedly the best month to eat out, take my word for it – I have been out constantly!





My Easter themed calzone



img 3551

Dining alfresco in Palemo, via Principe Di Belmonte. My calzone is in the symbolic shape of a fish.

Happy Easter!


A Sicilian Feast – Ideas for Cooking Sicilian Food, and Ciao!

Sicilian Recipes – Ideas for Cooking Sicilian Food | Think Sicily.

As I am about to depart for a food and art Odyssey in Sicily , I want to share with my readers the wonderful flavours and ideas I have been sourcing already on the net…

So even before I set foot in Palermo, here are a few mouthwatering sicilian recipes, courtesy of the brilliant site www.thinksicily.com., winner of two Traveller’s awards.

I have downloaded their “Think Sicily” App for iPhone, I have packed a small cabin bag for each of us , taken the passports and my driving licence, charged the kindle and even downloaded lots of nutrition and health podcasts on my tiny Ipod for the flights. I am SOO excited… I am heading off to a a country of lemon groves, sandy beaches, fabulous food and gorgeous Greek temples…

Hoping to bring back lots of pictures, food bits and recipe ideas…

Ah, and I have left a full fridge for the family, with menus ideas stuck to the door! In the mad hope that the rest of the posse will actually COOK and not just order pizzas… Indeed, I am only taking Number Three on this trip: Have teenager, will travel!

My wild oats and funky seeds flapjacks

To get some healthy snack ready for school pick up is sometimes tricky and the offer of biscuits not always what I want to give my children… These flapjacks make a delicious alternative and they are quick to rustle up – plus they keep very well in a metal box.Ingredients list

  • Rapeseed oil 100ml
  • 50g butter
  • Treacle 1 tbsp
  • Porridge oats 200g
  •  Agave syrup 2 tbsp
  • Muscovado sugar 50g
  • Mix of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts and sesame seeds 150g or there about
  • Handful of dried raisins, apricots or cranberries
  • Golden linseeds, a one tbsp

Sadly, there is still a bit of butter in this new recipe, but only little and without it it seems the flopjacks do not hold and you get crumbs instead of bars in the lunch box…

Melt the butter and oil in a medium pan.

Put all the dry ingredients together 
in a big bowl, then pour in the melted butter and mix while adding the 
agave syrup and the treacle. Use a warm spoon to spoon out the treacle easily: just dip the spoon in boiling water a few seconds and use immediately!
Spread into an oiled tray so that you get 
a depth of about 1 cm. Put in a hot oven at 180〫for about 20min. The edges 
must look brown and crispy before you take it out. Let it cool down 
then cut big squares with the tip of a knife. Enjoy with a cup of tea … 

Nutrition notes:
Oats are very good at lowering your cholesterol and are a superfood, especially for active children. The agave syrup is a healthy option because its low glycemic load means that your glucose
levels won’t shoot up too quickly, so no hunger pangs straight after
and more long term energy. You can replace the seeds with fruit and nuts but some linseeds will be very kind to your colon and help your overall digestion. And it is a good way to get your chicks to eat their seeds! The butter is a bit of a trade-off but children need its vitamin A and fatty acics- in limited quantity…

If you want to know more about healthy eating for children and are looking for an Easter holiday activity for under 14, do contact me. I am soon launching The Healthy Cooking Club for children! Do join in for funky and healthy cooking classes.

This blog is supporting the Restaurants du Coeur and the fantastic work they are doing in France at the moment! Do go and support them at http://www.ensemble-pour-les-restos.fr/, where all the best posts are put together.

>Love your Iphone? Then read this!

>For fellows Iphone addicts, you can now swim in an ocean of new wine and food obsessed apps : I need the one where you can play xylophone on half-full glasses of wine! Totally useless and therefore indispensable…

Vin et Internet : les applications iPhone liées au vin se multiplient
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